Hampton's Magazine July 2017


Interior Motives: Hamptons Magazine List

Written by Paula de la Cruz | Original Article featured on July 19, 2017

The exuberant scale of Hamptons interior design has run the gamut from rich Italianate living rooms looking out on romantic gardens to contemporary glass palaces on restored dunes.  While today's homes try to be mindful of the environment and embrace relax.


Kellie Frankin

Franklin Salasky partnered with Kellie Sirignano in January after leaving B Five Studio.  Her youthful exuberance complements his experience, and their work is always conceptually tight.  For a fisherman's cottage renovation, they unified the high ceilings of two contiguous rooms with Ingo Maurer's Lacrimal del Piscatory lighting - a netlike fixture whose name means "tears of the fisherman." 11 Park Place, 3rd Floor New York, NY 646.491.7150