Introducing Our New Service: KF Lite


We can't tell you have many times we've been asked to design a singular room such as a nursery or a master bedroom.  We've watched our friends and family members make countless expensive mistakes only to have us swoop in and give them our expert advice at the eleventh hour.  Does this sound familiar?  We have a solution for you.  Read on...

Our new service, KF Lite, is perfect for anyone who needs to refresh a room or two and still requires professional design expertise.  Our firm will guide you through all the details while avoiding costly mistakes.

First, we'll ask you to complete our design questionnaire.  Then we'll set up a call or meeting to discuss the budget and scope of your project.  We offer our knowledgable perspective on color, material, space planning, furniture and decorative selections.  You'll receive a source list and a package with all of our suggestions.  

Sound easy enough?  For more information about all of our service offerings, visit our services page or contact us.  We're ready to save you from your next design emergency.